Rapid prototyping and the implementation of polyurethanes or epoxy resins, but also silicone elastomers by the vacuum casting method requires knowledge of accurate and specific dosage according to each of the materials used.
A dosing error can lead to disappointments sometimes minimal, but can also be dangerous.

This is why this application {{ appName }} should enable you to limit these errors.
From 1 - the known volume of the piece to produce and 2 - a choice of resin to handle the application {{ appName }} gives the weight of the two components to prepare and remember you the precautions of handling and safety guidelines to protect the environment and its users specific to the selected resin.

1. Volume calculation


2. Choice of material

Name Applications Colour Details
{{material.name | nbsp}} {{material.applications | dictTranslate}}
To request new materials, report mistake or inconsistency, please open an issue in the issue tracker.

3. Result



Total weight: {{weight() | number:2}}g
A: {{ weight(0) | number:2}}g
B: {{ weight(1) | number:2}}g
Warning! Do not forget to add the residual cup waste.

Pot life

Pot life at {{selected.pot_life.temp_deg}}°C on {{selected.pot_life.weight_g}} g: {{selected.pot_life.value | join:' - '}} {{selected.pot_life.unit | dictTranslate}}

Processing Conditions

  • {{line}}

Handling Precautions

Normal health and safety precautions should be observed when handling these products :

  • Ensure good ventilation
  • Wear gloves, safety glasses and waterproof clothes.

For further information, please consult the product safety data sheet.